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Lallemand Servomyces Yeast Nutrient 10 Gram

Lallemand Servomyces Yeast Nutrient 10g

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Servomyces is a naturally enriched single-strain brewing yeast that is used as a biological yeast nutrient. The propagation and drying process of Servomyces has been specifically designed to accumulate a range of trace minerals and elements that are essential or limiting during alcoholic fermentation.

Brewing Properties

  • Minerals, when incorporated into some sort of living tissue, are more efficacious than when presented as a salt.
  • Servomyces presents better bio-availability of minerals, which is a very important factor in yeast nutrition.
  • Servomyces can decrease fermentation time significantly.
  • Improves yeast sedimentation.
  • Stimulates uptake of maltose and maltotriose, depending on the brewing strain, which results in higher alcohol yields.
  • Stimulation of protein synthesis and yeast growth which leads to higher biomass production during propagation.
  • It is reported that Servomyces eliminates harsh sulphur notes and produces a smoother more balanced beer.

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